Sunday, August 1, 2010

Singer Featherweight Raffle Preview - Prizes and Rules

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There she is....... :)
This is a preview of the prizes I will be raffling off.  I want to raise money for the Santa Barbara Birth Center and the midwives who are trying to open the facility.  The help they gave me during my miscarriage is priceless.  My way of saying thank you to them is to raffle off one of my dear Featherweight sewing machines and a bunch of my hard-to-find and out-of-print fabric.  If I sewed everyday, all day, for the rest of my life, I still don't think I would be able to use all my fabric.  It should be getting chopped and sewed, not sitting in a bin in the dark..........

TO ENTER: you will need to go to the Santa Barbara Birth Center website and donate $1 to $5.  In the comments section on the donation/paypal page, please state that your donation is for "Baby August/Oversewn". 
 After your donation is made, please return to the Official Raffle Post (NOT this post) and LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH DOLLAR DONATED.  If you donated 3 dollars, leave 3 comments.  Please put 1/3 in your first comment, 2/3 in your second comment and 3/3 on your third comment.  MAKE SURE I CAN CONTACT YOU IN SOME WAY!!   If you do not have a blogger account, please make sure you leave your email in each of your entry comments.   I would hate for someone to donate and enter and win - but then lose because I can't contact you.

I intend on keeping the raffle going for the month of August.  I will end it early if an insane amount of money is raised.  I have an idea of what I would like to see donated, so if y'all help me get there sooner, I will close the raffle early.

If you have a blog and would like to help spread the word that way, you may post about my raffle.  If you do this, please leave an extra comment stating that you blogged about it, with a link.  This will earn an extra entry into the raffle.

I have no official affiliation with the Birth Center, other than wanting it to be open and running in case I ever have another baby :)   I do have contact with the director of the center, so I will be confirming that winners have donated money. 

Awesome green case- very sturdy!

See the little pin marks -  still gorgeous :)
The Featherweight is the "Grand Prize."  I will give the machine a 9/10 in performance and a 7/10 in appearance.  There are a few pin marks on the front of the machine, but it's still damn cute(below).  Okay, maybe a 7+  :)   I personally cleaned this machine up, oiled and pretty much refurbished the whole thing.  The motor runs great.  It's a fabulous little machine.  I did break the little plastic bit on the motor that holds the belt on.  I replaced it with an "indestructible" piece ordered from Mr. Featherweight himself.  The belt is brand new.  It came with it's original manual.  Not many feet with this one, so I might have to add some from my stash.

  The fabric bundles are "in-between" prizes and will be given away when specific amounts are reached.  The first prize of the Heather Ross book, spool holder, and some quilting stuff will be given to one of the first 150 people to donate and leave a comment.    I will choose someone at random from the first 150 comments.   The next prize might be around 300-400, and so on.  If anyone wins a smaller prize, they will still be eligible to win the Featherweight, but not another fabric prize.   

Heather Ross book and some hand sewing needles

Spool holder, quilt clips and needles, a bunch of Funky Monkey
Lots cut up, and 1.5 yds of the monkey faces
1 yd brown/blue lady bugs- Flutterby
1 yd pink flag things - Flea Market Fancy

Denyse Schmidt, County Fair 1 yard cuts, 8 yards
yellow/blue combo
Denyse Schmidt, County Fair 1 yard cuts, 8 yards
yellow/red combo

Anna Maria Horner's Bohemian - 20 prints, 6 yards
Heather Ross -Mendocino Bundle - 29 prints, 12.5 yards

Heather Ross - Lightening Bugs(some West Hill) - 25 prints, 11.75 yards

FINE PRINT:  Blah, blah, blah - this is me- doing this all on my own.  I simply want to do something good and nice for others and the Birth Center.   If you don't want to donate money - then don't.  If you donate money and don't win a prize - I'm sorry, that's how raffles go.  If you donate money and forget to leave comments on my Official Raffle Post, I'm sorry too, but you didn't follow the rules.   I know it's silly to have to state that, but I just want to cover my bum. 

INTERNATIONAL:  I will pay to ship fabric anywhere.  I can't afford to ship the machine anywhere but the US.  It's just too expensive, and I don't think you can plug it in anyway :)   So if you donate and enter, it will be for the fabric bundles only. 

If you have any questions, please ask!  I know I am scatter-brained.  If I've left anything out, in terms of explanations, please let me know.  Thanks :)  I hope this goes well ....


  1. After making my donation, I wonder if I posted my comments in the correct place-in your July post. Good luck in raising a large donatin for the Center.
    p.s. A featherweight or lovely fabric would "make my day", but I'm glad to donate anyway.

  2. What a lovely gesture and what amazing fabric you have there. Unfortunately I'm from Australia so the sewing machine wont be mine, but I'd love to help out such a worthy cause.

  3. 4/5 I hope I'm doing this right??

  4. I donated and want to say that this is a great cause and a terrific idea. Thanks for doing it. I hope they get oooodles of mooola!

  5. I have entered on the official page. Can I blog about it, borrowing the picture of the Featherweight? Thanks!

  6. This is the best idea I have seen in a long time. I am so happy you are doing this. I found you over on Flickr swap page. I will be donating for sure. I think this is a great and well worthy cause, and will bog about it and get you more support!

  7. I'll hop over to the official site and do the donating and such. But I wanted to say here that this is a great idea. I had a miscarriage in June, and wish I had more support around my area. In fact, they closed the birthing center at my local hospital, so people really have to travel to give birth. Good luck with your fundraising goal, and also having a baby!

  8. well...i donated but didn't put a comment with it. what a cool place. i loved the midwives the army had when pregnant with my second child. couldn't have them deliver him--my first was born feet first and he ended up being born feet first also, so the drs. insisted i see only drs. but those midwives were so gentle and kind after his birth. my daughter had midwives tending her for her miscarriages also and for at least one birth. what a kind thing you are doing!!

  9. I love that you are supporting a cause close to your heart and local. Thanks for giving everyone some incentive to help.

  10. AND...I Love the FeaThErWeiGht!!! too! How generous of you.

  11. 3/5 Good Luck with this poject!

  12. 5/5 I hope this is a great fundraiser for your project.

  13. I just realized I forgot to put on my donation that it is for "baby August/Oversewn" and that my Paypal account is attached to a different email addy than the one I use for Blogger. Please let me know if you have any questions about my donation and I will supply the other email addy to you.

    Thanks. Guess I can't read rules very well! :(

    Sandy A

  14. I just gave a shout out about this on my blog.
    What a great idea and very generous. Thank you and bless you. Jane

  15. yay!! for birthcenters and midwives!

    and yay! for you being so proactive and making sure you and the women in your community will have a place where you can access the kind of care all women deserve.

    this is wonderful. <3

  16. oh man! no paypal donations option?
    we live a happily credit card free life in germany. :(

    i'll share your link on my facebook though. got lots of sewing/midwife birthing friends who are likely to support this cause. :)