Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday of KCWC

Tuesday was spent taping the Lil Blue Boo Hoodie pattern together and tracing size 4T for the boy.  The brown and the red fabric used to be tank tops of mine,  The blue hood used to be a shirt of mine.  The grey fleece and yellow ribbing were in my stash. 

The boy is just in love with it and wants to wear it everyday.  That makes it one of the coolest things ever!!  I, on the other hand, think it's missing something, and I don't know what it is.  The hood is silly big, hence the silly hood pic.  I think without the hood and adding a neck and arm ribbing, this will be a good PJ shirt pattern.  I can see lots being made, and soon, as there are two rotating pairs of PJs for the boy.

As for Thursday's hour to sew for the kids, it didn't happen.  I received a phone call from my local sewing machine store.  They have a booth this weekend at the Coastal Quilt Guild's Quilt Show and forgot to procure some quilts to hang in the booth.  So they called me and asked me to bring some down for them to hang.  UM WHAT!?!?!  I was beyond flattered, immediately washed all the bed quilts, and brought them down to the store last night.  I also brought a few baby quilts and bags for sale.  I am still so shocked they called me.  Such an honor really.  I had to work on getting everything together for that instead of sewing for the kids.........totally excusable in my opinion.  Hopefully I will get some decent pictures when I go on Saturday.   I am so nervous to have MY stuff in the same building as quilts from the Coastal Guild.  We're talking insanely talented people that have been doing this for years and years. Freaking out now :)
Happy Friday!! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday of Kids Clothing Week Challenge

Reality - I had no time to sew yesterday and did all this sewing from about 4am to around 5:30am this morning because I couldn't sleep.  It's both a blessing (quiet me time) and a curse (I'm so damn tired)

Anywhoo - I had these Lil Leggings all cut out and ready to sew.  So I did.   I just love love love the orange and flower print.  They fit okay.  I should bump the rise up for diapers.  The yellow is a light wide rib knit and the blue is a fleece.  I only finished the blue pants, and the other two are raw edge.  I do zig zag the tails down at the ankle though.  I had bought some lycra mix fabrics a while ago, so I've been using it for the waist bands.  I've probably made 15 pairs of these and am really just starting to feel like they are coming out decent.  I've always hated practice, but it really does pay off.  I've also started topstiching the waistband.  I like they way it looks, somehow makes up for the messy raw edge, ya know?

I am really in love with these pants.  They are so comfy and so easy to make.  I actually would have two more pairs to show you, but I sewed them together wrong (because I have the directions memorized, right?) so now I have 4 right legs instead of 2 more pairs.  Thank goodness I have the fabric to make 4 left legs, huh?  :)  Ah, directions really are helpful, aren't they......
Off to work on my Tuesday stuff.  I'm starting to think I do well under the "deadline" of the timer on my phone.  I really have noticed I work a little smarter/less distracted if the timer is on.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sandbox Pants

I've been meaning to make these for a while.  Sandbox Pants from Oliver & S.  Finally, my son now has a pair of pants that aren't capris!

He's grown so much recently, all his pants are way too short.  I think this pattern is rated a one scissor, and it really is that easy.  I screwed up the waistband by fussy cutting the cars totally wrong.  I completely forgot that the waistband was to be folded in half.  Doh!  At least the fussy cut car pockets came out great.  Oh, and no buttonholes on the back pockets.  I'm just not a fan........(lazy).   :)

I really love the way they came out.  For the main part I used ticking I had bought forever ago at a local home dec. store.   I think the Echino cars go great with it.  My goal lately has been to try and make the kids more clothes.  While it is sooooooo much cheaper to go to Old Navy or Target, I just love one-of-a-kind things so much.  And I love spending time making them things......

I plan on participating in Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week Challenge, so hopefully I can get a few more pairs of these made.  I already have the main fabric cut for a pair of shorts.  I'm thinking I'll do another Echino fabric for the pockets.

Aaaaahhhh, another Monday - they come on so soon., don't they......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And the winner is.......

 #27  Janey.   Congrats!

Also, I would like to say thank you again to everyone who donated.  Even though there were 604 comments left, many of you donated more than $5, so the total amount raised was around $750.  That is so damn cool! Thank you thank you thank you!!!