Friday, June 24, 2011

The Dolphins That Jack Saw

Monday - my best friend and I (and kids) went to the beach.  It was a grey day like they usually are, but the sun was peeking through.  BF decided to run back to her house and get her suit and some sunscreen.  She is a surfer and I rarely go to the beach.  So.....she gets back and get in the water.  I sunscreen up my kids(forgot myself-didn't plan on staying long).
Oh, about 10 minutes later, Jack Johnson rolls up with his kids.  For real.  No joke.
I knew he lived in my BF's 'hood....but I am aware he spends most of the time in HI.

I had met in once before and done the weird freak out "oh-my-gosh-I-like-totally-love-your-music-man" about 7 years ago when he came into the grocery store where I worked at the time.  So this time, I was cool.  I mean- I had to be.  It was the 3 of us and our kids.  
I'm pretty sure I dorked out a little.  I did tell him that we call him Jackie J at our house! haha  He laughed at that one :) 

 And so the kids played and we hung out and chatted about kids and parenting.  He and my BF talked surf.  It was funny to hear him say that he was "putting in his time" so he could go surfing later.  I asked him about it and he said they have never had a nanny and the whole family always goes on tour together.  Such a rad guy!  I was shocked they didn't have a nanny.  He was such a regular dad!  Too funny!  I guess I had some expectations...
 He was about to leave and I was packing up to go home too.  He said "Look at the dolphins" 

So I did.  Took some pics too.  I must say a few came out pretty cool.

 I like that these pictures will be my "Jack" pictures.  It was pretty cool!   Because of it, my new vow is to not complain about living here so much.  I should be more thankful!!  It really is beautiful here!
Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - Week 1 & 2

I've "joined" a thing or two on flickr before.....but never quite got around to finishing.  No, actually I never even started!  When Amanda let on she was doing the Farmer'sWife Sampler Quilt -I said 'why not?'  I have the book, so let's make it happen,right?  I will really have to push myself to finish this one.  111 blocks.  Knock off 2 each week.....
I decided to start using some of the Flea Market Fancy that's been sitting, just sitting, in a bag on a shelf.....
Well, here's

 After making the first two blocks in all FMF....... I decided some solids were in order. In fact, I might go back and take #1 and #2 apart and throw some solids in with them.  Not sure.

I have done very little applique by hand.  I think the following block shows that - blatantly, really.    -sigh-
I added the handle on totally funky too, just cuz.  I like it.

#5  Wrinkle-y Batwings!
Happy Wednesday!
xo Raven

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Figure 8 Scarf

I wear these two figure 8 scarves way way way too much, especially considering I live in Southern California.  I just love them though....and Santa Barbara is known for our June literally is foggy all day.  So another new scarf was totally justified :)

This one was made with some mustard velveteen and my most favorite voile from the Innocent Crush line by AMH.  I love how it came out and I love the big blue roses.  As much as I love the bright ones, I love this one for how mellow it is.

I can't say that mustard is a fabulous color for me.....but I love it anyway.
I made it closer to 14" wide rather than 18"    It's also longer than the first two(kits ordered from AMH).  No, that's wrong.  It's not longer, but the thinner width makes it not as bunch-y.  It SEEMS longer :)
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KCWC: Just a tad late......  Sure can getcha sometimes. I'm not surprised I missed May.....but sewing/crafting sure helps to keep things moving along, doesn't it??
So, this blue/brown number was supposed to be Lila's birthday dress(March) but no dice.  It's the Pretty as a Picture dress from AMH  Handmade Beginnings book.  Flower panel and brown voile from Little Folks and blue/brown stripe is from Innocent Crush voile - all from Anna Maria Horner (I do so love her!!This video is awesome!)

I iron while I sew the garment - NEVER after it's finished though.  I've heard it's bad luck....
  The dress is super cute and comfy i.e. she actually picks it off the hanger herself.  I altered it on accident by making the neck hole too small - I will not cross over as much on the top next time. 
 I altered it on purpose by taking the elastic off the back panel.  It was just a tad too snug with the elastic across the back.  I think it was still on in this pic.  Having the gathers on the sides only looks better to me :) 
I also altered it on purpose by changing up the front panel- I added brown strips to either side of the flower panel until it was the correct width.  I followed the pattern for the back.  I have another one cut out in almost the same fabrics.  I don't know why :)  Maybe because I have twin sisters - I like doubles?

During the week, I HAD to make the Seahorse Sundress from Oliver & S.  It's so freaking cute - but I don't know about a one scissor rating..... lots'o pieces to cut out.   I cut out double of everything because of the off-center nature of the fabric.  It was sort of a puzzle to pick which ones to put with what(huh?)  but I really like how both dresses came out.   And wow does my girl ever like pockets!!  I love her search-for-pockets pose.  Pockets in dresses are awesome!! 

After finishing the one above, I decided it needed some hand stitching.  In my opinion, it came out so awesome!!  I did only hand stitching on the yoke of the second dress. 

I love how the hand stitching looks on the dresses.  Here's both dresses side by side.  I used AMH Good Folks line.  I also used snaps instead of buttons.  Someday I will not be afraid of button holes.....someday....

Dress Fronts
A lot of influence from AMH, but also I've been recently re-hooked on my Alabama Chanin books.   I bought myself this (I guess I wear mine backwards!oops)  and some other goodies from them for Mom's day.  I would love this or this.  I will sew this one from the pattern in the book.  The bridal is so amazing... I could go on forever!

Dress Backs

Happy Wednesday!