Sunday, October 25, 2009

ORB quilt along

This is one of my 2 quilt tops for the original Old Red Barn Quilt-along.

It feels nice to finally make some progress! I split up my 7 strips of 6 blocks each, so one quilt will have three strips(this one pictured) and the other will have 4 strips.
For this one pictured, I had to add a 4 " pieced strip to both long sides in order to get the width of a twin. I think the length is fine.
I really love how this one is coming out.
The 4 strip quilt will be the same set up, except the pieced strips will go on both short sides. That one........hopefully I'll get that one done soon.
I don't know if I will be able to give this one away. I really think it will go on my boy's big boy bed!

Saturday, October 24, 2009



Finally done with this halter dress/top. My automatic buttonhole thingy is not working. This has nothing to do with me, it's the machine. So this little dress has been missing one buttonhole for approximately 4 months. It only has 2 buttons total. Lame, I know. I hate re-threading the machine and I hate my automatic buttonhole thingy. But it's close to Halloween and the girl needed something to wear. One less thing in the sewing shed!!!

This is the back with one good buttonhole and one terrible buttonhole!

I copied this pattern from a halter shirt we were given, and sort of winged it. Easy on and off.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Final Order - 34 lbs

My final order of fabric is showing up in a few hours. UPS says it's 34 lbs. wow. I feel weird, that is a looooot of fabric. I am very happy with myself as I haven't ordered anything in a week now, not nearly the withdrawals I thought I would be having, but 34 lbs is bad. It is duck cloth, but that hardly makes up for it. But at least I haven't ordered. I have looked and filled shopping carts, but not ordered. The previous sentence is very hard to re-read. I'm crazy! haha Please tell me you do this too, I have not met others, but they must be out there.

There she be! Such an insane deal, I had to buy this much!

OH, the blog is working.....I've finished a few things, and progressed on some others....yay!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Okay, finally started a blog.....but who cares about what I have sewn....anyone besides me?? Maybe my husband, since it means less fabric around :)

I'm working my way through a minor bout with postpartum depression, nothing major, just an extreme case of baby blues. Only problem is, my depression "thing" is ordering online. I get happy when I get something in the mail or from UPS. I've ordered and received an obscene amount of fabric in the past 7 months, as well as a few vintage sewing machines. Totals are- an entire shed full of fabric and 9 sewing machines.!

The only benefit of now being in debt is that I have more than enough fabric to produce all the kids clothes, quilts, and bags/purses for the store here in town that wants to sell my things. I guess I took a business loan out from the credit card company?!! Not recommended....but now, there are no more excuses. I have all I need, now it's up to me gettin' busy.

But then I remember that I have two kids and have no time to sew.....wait, why did I add a blog too??? No this is not true, I simply need to work on my time management. I need to be better at using my "free"time during nap times, and maybe, just maybe, having a blog will some how make me accountable to someone or something to get some stuff done!

So let's hope that adding a blog to my full plate will help me be more.....organized? streamlined? SANE??!?!?!

Finally hashing out the finances with the husband has helped tremendously already. We had a serious conversation about all the finances and wrote everything down and came up with a plan. It really feels good, and it's nice to know that it wasn't all my fault! Money is clearly not my forte, so having hubby taking over some of that will help everyone out.

New day, my first post, feeling good. Kids sleeping.....out to the sewing shed I go....


The top quilt is one I just finished for a friend in Italy about to have a baby girl. For the blocks, I used the Sparks baby quilt from Alissa and then sashed small with a 2.5" block at all the meetin' points. I really really like how it came out. If I hadn't thought about my friend the whole time I made it, I totally would have kept it for my girl. I pieced the back with leftovers and some pieces of minky, free-motioned the whole thing. Try f-m on minky, it's awesome
The second pic has been on the wall for waaaaaaay to long. It was for Auntie Scoob, who's birthday is (was) Aug. 30. Yep, some friend I am. I gave her another bag instead.