Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Final Order - 34 lbs

My final order of fabric is showing up in a few hours. UPS says it's 34 lbs. wow. I feel weird, that is a looooot of fabric. I am very happy with myself as I haven't ordered anything in a week now, not nearly the withdrawals I thought I would be having, but 34 lbs is bad. It is duck cloth, but that hardly makes up for it. But at least I haven't ordered. I have looked and filled shopping carts, but not ordered. The previous sentence is very hard to re-read. I'm crazy! haha Please tell me you do this too, I have not met others, but they must be out there.

There she be! Such an insane deal, I had to buy this much!

OH, the blog is working.....I've finished a few things, and progressed on some others....yay!


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