Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm NOT bragging - but no one in my real life will appreciate this

Okay - I have totally not blogged lately - lame I know

But-----I'm signed up for the Weekend Sewing in Palm Springs in January with the super amazing Heather Ross!

But------ I'm SHAKING!!!  She just emailed us to tell us who is coming as the Fabulous Guest Teacher.....................................................AAAAAHHHHH

It's ANNA MARIA HORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so going to have to finish this chair(it's looked like this for almost 7 months!)

I am flipping out like never before.  This one will be up there people, right alongside the wedding and the kids.  Call me crazy, but I am so darn ecstatic.  Best Christmas Present EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Please know, that seriously no one in my "real" life gets this, so I had to share.

I think I will go out and go through my HR and AMH Bohemian stash and get some ready for a giveaway.  I mean I feel like I have to say thank you to the universe in some way.  So next post will be super RAD!