Monday, August 30, 2010

Some More Winners - I'm a little late :)

I avoid all responsibilities (except with the kids).  Sooooooooo, forgive me for not picking winners along the way.  
Here are the winners of the County Fair bundles.

The reds go to  #193 Megan

The blues are for #287 - The Sterks

The Anna Maria Horner "Bohemian" is for #361 Simply Ec

and the Heather Ross "Mendocino" is for #393 Miss M

This is just too much fun!

And it's Auntie Scoobie's birthday today.  She is only getting pictures of her quilt for her birthday.  She'll have to wait until I have a moment to mail it!! XOXO  love you auntie Scoobs!!


  1. i won't lie. i'm kind of upset that i missed out on entering this giveaway!! haha