Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Treadle Serger

or Why I Want To Win A Serger From Sew Mama Sew

That's my treadle serger, buried under stuff :)
I won't be home in time to take a regular pic before the deadline!

I bought my serger used.  I've had it since early 2008 and have only been using it on a regular basis for about a year now.  It is a Pfaff, like my regular machine.  I just absolutely love using it and learning to sew knits has been very exciting.  But it has a little issue that has forced me to name it the "treadle serger."  I know, I know, not for real, but it can be such a pain in the rear to use. 

It has this little sensor thingie that won't let you sew if it is not fully pressed in.  It is connected to closing the front "door" after threading.  So depending on what I'm sewing, I will have to whack the side of the machine and sort of pump the food pedal in order to get it to go.  I can't just close the door and hold it, I have to whack it over and over again.  It is quite ridiculous.   If you saw me sewing with my serger, you would laugh.  There are curse words flying out of my mouth as I consistently slap the machine.  And my foot really moves as if I were sewing on a treadle. 

I have tried to fix it by making the sensor button thingie longer- I took some blue tape and smooshed it into a little ball and then taped on the end of the sensor.  It works most of the time, but the tape flattens out after a while and I have to make a new little tape ball. 

I really want to start selling more kids clothes and contributing to the family bank account instead of just draining it, ya know.  A new serger would be supreme!!  Treadle serging takes a bit longer than regular serging, so I would be able to whip stuff out soooooo much faster.

Crossing my fingers!!

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  1. Sergers are great to have around, but nothing more frustrating than a machine that is not user friendly!! We have much in common! I, too, thought I would be single, working, NO kids-have to laugh at that one! I have a small sewing business out of my home doing mostly childrens clothing, you can check me out at LittlePaula.net, or my fb fp "Little Paula Custom Creations", or(lol) my blog sewsowinlove.blogspot.com. Feel free to contact me anytime :)