Sunday, August 8, 2010

Santa Barbara Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

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At our June meeting of the Santa Barbara Modern Quilt Guild, we all purchased a bundle of fabric.  All the bundles had the same fabric(one exception/2 colors) and we all had to make something around the 15" by 15" size for the July meeting.  We didn't have to finish, but some did.  There were some awesome variations and I think we were all a little challenged to have fabrics "forced" upon us.  For me, it was amazing and so fun to see what other quilters "see" in the same fabrics

Here are the fabrics ( yes, that IS a velveteen)
It took me a while to embrace these fabrics.......I definitely cursed them a few times.  What?  Velveteen and sateen-y purple.  Weird brown ovals?  Red and white?   

But I love the result - my very first Dresden!  I even did some fancy math to figure out how to get the green stem in there.  It's sort of a flower!  I finished the back with the left-over scraps for an envelope closure  :)

Here are some of the others:
Aren't those cool! 

Another Dresden and "dream big"

The white in the center square(left) is all cut from the center of the red/white fabric!  I know!  Cut out and sewn together - no bigger than 1" squares!  RAD!

Another member and I picked out 4 new fabrics yesterday, for the August meeting.  It should be fun!  It's hard to pick fabrics with another person, yet it is so interesting to see how we all choose fabrics and coordinates based on different things. 


  1. I really want to try a dresden! I keep eyeing the ruler when I go to the craft store but am too afraid. Yours is great and I love the way everyone used their fabrics!

  2. Were you at the Quilt shop in Goleta? I saw these blocks there while some ladies were taking pictures of them! I was shopping for a new quilt. Small world!

  3. I just re-read your post! That was you! I watched you guys pick out fabrics for a quilt challenge. You two spent a lot of time on the floor! LOL!
    I was buying a bunch of Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow in blues on the front counter to make a Denyse Schmidt quilt. Really small world!!