Friday, August 20, 2010

Road Trip

Oh Fransson- New Wave quilt - almost done
Been trying to finish some things before our/my big road trip from Santa Barbara to Canada.  It's going to be a long drive.  We don't really go to Canada, but you can see Victoria from my Gramma's living room window in Port Angeles, WA.  I think it's close enough to say we are going to Canada.  Hehehe.

My first stars ever - we shall see how this one goes......
 Me and a 3 3/4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old.  Woohoo........  Let's all hope I don't lose it.  I've been trying to change my attitude towards this trip, trying reallllllly hard.  If you want memories with the kids, you have to make an effort to make memories with the kids - this is my mantra for the trip.

I am bringing a featherweight and a crap-ton of fabric, lots of WIPs, and a bunch of bindings to sew on.  I will also buy as much fabric as possible, because Portland and Seattle have some rad offerings.  I cannot wait!!!  My twin sisters are both in Seattle, so that will be fun to see them (eat at Blue Dog Kitchen - they both work there!!)

Can't wait to be in the northwest.  I think it might be my favorite place.  I am so in love with Portland and Seattle!  And everywhere in between.

I am so grateful to all the donations.  I can't tell you how awesome it is to help out something I feel strongly about.  And the birth center needs to be opened.  Our town needs it!  Thank you so very much and I will pick fabric winners and mail everything out when I get back.   I was told that a lot of people donated more than the $5.  So cool!!


  1. We just got done with a similar road trip with the same age kids. A few melt downs but for the most part good. The older one is still talking about the hotel we stayed in that had a pool.

    If you want company in Portland, drop me a line! I would love to hang out!

  2. That is an amazing drive! I have done it several times, albeit not with children. Are you taking the costal route or the internal route? Amazing things to see and do either way.