Monday, July 26, 2010

Ice Cream Social

First, I don't know how it happened that it's all pink!  I really am not a big pink fan, but looking at this post, you wouldn't know that!

But I am a big Oliver & S fan, so I am loving this Ice Cream Social thing!  It's so fun to see everybody's fabric choices.  I decided to go for the View C- because it's the easiest and I have to make some birthday gifts for some little girls I know. It's all Heather Ross fabric(and some yellow Kona), because the stash is obscene and I should use it because that is what it's for.....right?  I've cut out 4 of them, all in size 2.  I'm keeping a van one for my girl. I love the Oliver&S boutique sewers program, so I'm going to try and sell one as well.  I bought some of the tags a few months ago, and have not sold anything as of yet.  A goal....

The first one I made, I followed the directions in the pattern, no shortcuts.  I think it's quite easy and well written.  My only issue was how high the button loop should go.  The second one(top) I sewed the loop on too high.  The middle one is flush with the seam.  I think keeping the center of the button loop right on the notch is the best location(bottom).  I personally didn't get that from the pattern directions, but I can be total moron sometimes.

 I didn't like the way my neck V point ended up, so I edge-stitched the neck.  I like how it came out, and I think it will help keep the V there when it's washed.  There is a reason I call it "oversewn."  :)  On the next one I made, I cut the V very, very close to the stitching at the point- it made it sit much smoother.
 I did french seams on all of them, since the fabric is light enough.  I have a serger, but there is something so pretty and polished about french seams.  I just have to gather the skirts and attach them to the yokes on the last three.  And hand sew the buttons.  I think shank buttons work best on this. 

Featherweight Raffle:  I have finally figured out how to number the comments, so all I have to do is take some pics of the machine and post.  I'm so excited to see how much I can raise for the Birth Center.  I have a number in my head.  I hope y'all can help me get there  I'm thinking $1 per entry, max 5 entries
................  Post should be up this week :)


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