Friday, March 5, 2010

Far, Far Away Baby Quilt and Another Featherweight

Far, Far Away Baby Quilt
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I swear, I sew with other fabrics besides Heather Ross, no, really, I do ........I've just been really slow at posting! This was an easy quilt, but I had the hardest time deciding on the binding. Just a bunch of 6" squares.  I tried to alternate 'solids' with 'whites' I couldn't decide which solid for binding, but I ended up choosing Kona Plum. It was really hard to find a nice mix between the front purples and the back purple. Soooo pleased with how this came out.

Also.....Side note...I am now up to 7 Featherweights. I know, I know. If it were drugs or alcohol, I would have been in rehab a loooooong time ago. But since it's sewing machines, everyone around me just thinks I'm a little kookoo. Not the case. This is bad people. First it was the fabric (not that it's ever stopped) but now the sewing machines.......aaaahhhhh. HELP ME!!!!!

Okay. Okay. That's over. I've collected myself and will now share one of said FW's with you. This is one of two white/barely green FW's that I own. This is the most perfect condition machine I have and probably one of the latest dates I have ever seen. And I have NEVER seen one stamped with a date(clearly done at the factory). Crazy!

    You can't tell in this picture, but there is the tiniest little chip in the foot pedal.  Nothing huge, but that is the machine's biggest flaw.  Unlike the older model FW's, this one is wired into the machine.  I think I like the old model better.

     The case needs to be wiped down with Armor All, but otherwise seems to be in superb condition.  The manual is almost like-new.  Crazy clean!!

So I really think one post a month is not cool!!  I'm hoping my rad new birthday(30!ugh) camera will get me a little more motivated.  I really want to take pics of my sewing shed, but without a wide angle lens........

GOAL: post about the sewing shed within 2 weeks!

Wish me luck!!
Happy day to all!


  1. I got here after a google search for vintage singers. What a beauty you got with the broken case! I'm on the hunt for one, but not really wanting to pay for the expensive refurbished ones on ebay.

  2. LOL! You are my kinda girl! Found your blog via flickr (while trying to hunt down FMF). Looking forward to reading more. Your quilts and creations are awesome : )