Monday, February 8, 2010

Far Far Away Quilt, or Fussy Cuts and Unicorn Butts

FFA Quilt Front Vert
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I know, I know, the name is soooooo bad. But as I was fussy cutting all of the full size unicorns into my 6"blocks, I kept ending up with a ton of unicorn butts. So, that's what this quilt is named in my head!

I had so much fun piecing this quilt. I fussy cut all the 6" squares, and then started pieceing all the scraps and unicorn butts together into a few different blocks. The "blocks" weren't really blocks, but whatever fit together. I just kept sewing and cutting. I was sure I was going to slice a fingertip off. Seriously.
After my crazy bit, I threw some of the 6"squares down one side, and then got super duper lazy and threw the big orange and purple chunks on the other side. Hahahaha, I was soooooo done.

The back is the reason I had to add more. I bought this home dec(54") stuff forever ago. I washed it and lost a good 3 inches from the yard total to threads in the dryer. I really wished I had bought 1.5 yds.......hindsight.....

Anywhoooo, I love the back so much. It is the blanket for me! I quilted it by putting one piece of painters tape diagonally across it, and then placed my guide and sort of free handed it, rather than move the tape over and over again,  The opposite direction I did very free form, trying for a line every 4" or so.  I like how soft it is, with the looser quilting (for me) and the double gauze.  And the binding is some Kaffe Fassett stripes and it is almost as soft as the double gauze, I think it's a shot cotton stripe?  I am soooo glad this is a keeper. It's meant to go with my daughter's crib bedding, since I bought her blue bedding. Yes, that is right, I dislike pink, so I bought her this bedding. It's so rad to have something in the house with Denyse Schmidt's name on it. I mean, besides the book.....

Yay for finally cutting into the Far, Far Away.......literally a week before Heather announces that more is coming. Great! We are litterally going broke on account of you, Heather Ross!!! :)


  1. Giggle. Pu-leese, that is such a cute name! I love the wonkiness of it all.

  2. "Unicorn Butts" made my night. I'm never sure what to do with the leftovers from fussy cutting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the backing fabric.