Monday, February 8, 2010

Abby- My first Featherweight!!!

I finally have a Singer Featherweight!!  I've been wanting one for a while now, and with our anniversary coming soon, come and gone, I took it upon myself to bid on one online.  The pics looked okay on the auction page, but they weren't the best.  So imagine how bummed I was when I opened the carboard box and saw this:

Isn't that so depressing!!  Smashed to bits!  I immediately went to the auction page, and there sure enough, it says broken case - how did I miss that??  So, I continued, removed the lid, if you will.  Then I took out the tray and pulled the machine out.  Oh my flippin wow!!!  It might be the most gorgeous one I've ever seen!!

  The gold decals are in almost perfect condition.  There are a few pin marks in the finish, but not many at all.  The hand wheel is perfect, and the machine runs soooooo smoooooth.  I am so in love with Abby.  She is amazing.  I had never sewn on one before, and really, it's like nothing else I've ever sewn on, definitly not like any plastic machine, and I love, love, love my Pfaffie.
I really can't believe how lucky I am......I could care less about the case as soon as I saw the machine.

If anyone ever has a chance to own one of these machines, I really really really recommend them.  So awesome and cute too!!

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  1. Oh my, she's gorgeous! And in perfect condition too, just beautiful! Oh, now I want one of those badly :))