Wednesday, January 20, 2010

George Jetson

Here is a picture of George Jetson. I bought him with cabinet from a local woman going through some hard times. $35 plus another $11 for all the knick knacks. It had been her mother's sewing machine and she had used it to make all her high school clothes on it. She seemed sad to part with it......I told her I would appreciate him!

After a really good oiling, this guy is seriously flying through space. I haven't really had a chance to clean the shiny bits, just dusted him off. Oh and the cabinet has a knee controller for the foot pedal - I have never used one but my are they great. I love it way more than I thought I would. It's quite handy if you have babies or toddlers crawling around underfoot. I can't tell you how enthralled my kids are with the foot pedals of sewing machines.

The De Luxe sewing machines are everywhere. From my “professional” research (thanks ISMACS), I have learned that De Luxe made tons of sewing machines and they would be “badged” with the store logo of who sold them. Mine was bought at Macy’s. Pretty groovy! 

I just love this picture!! I've decided I need to start posting about my machines, if only for my benefit. I have acquired a few too many recently and must find some way of organizing them and keeping track of who is who and what's what! And yes, they are being named now.

Up until last August, I had only sewn on recently made, mostly plastic computerized machines. As soon as I tried an all metal old school machine, I was completely hooked. Perfect stitches! I love taking them apart and seeing what the insides look like and how they work. So interesting! I wonder what would have happened to me if I had taken shop class in high school.........


  1. Oh, he is sooo pretty, congrats on finding him! I love those all metal workhorses from the 1950s (roughly?). One of those is on my wish list for when I have a big home and lots of space for sewing machines some day :)
    I don't like the plastic computerized machines at all any more either, but on my treadle I really miss the zigzag and button hole stitch.
    Have so much fun with him!

  2. Ah, you sound like a kindred class was awesome, you should have taken it :). I have 6 or 7 FWs too among a bunch of others. Old machines are truly the best!

  3. I have the more delux version of yours! Mine fell off the back of a truck and my dad gave it to my mother. My repair guy said it was from Kresgies. I LOVE it!