Monday, January 4, 2010


The Sewing Shed

This is where the magic happens, haha, or something like that!

Wow, no posts since Halloween! I think I almost drowned in holiday stuff. First holiday season with 2 kids......interesting! I am so glad the stress is over! I made "most" of the presents this year, mostly grocery totes and sewn gift bags. I gave everyone an Acme bag from They are the best bags and the best website.

Diaper bag, this one is mine and I love it!

Now, the goal is to get some quilts, kids clothes and diaper bags made. I really want to start selling my things at the local art walk here in town. We have had an art walk here in Santa Barbara since 1965. I remember going there with my mom whenever anyone was in town visiting, showing off how cool the SB artists are. I'm really excited to have made a decision on how to sell my things.

I have tried putting my things in local stores, but having to share profits with shop owners just makes it almost not worth it. Sewn items are so labor intensive! By doing the art walk, I will be able to keep my items affordable, while still making enough $ off each item to continue calling this a job.

Finally, I have basted the ORB quilt a long quilt. I just started quilting it and I think I hate it. I'm using a variegated thread and free-motioning it. Not loving it at all. I think the thread will work if I do some straight line quilting. Ah, how do I hate my seam ripper, she is so well used!

Husband brought me a construction site job table yesterday. It's 8' by 4'. Huge. The shed it 10'by 12', so needless to say, it's taking up a lot of the shed, but I am so excited for a huge workspace and a place to hide all my ugly fabric bins!! Yay!!
Today will be organizing, and tomorrow we work, right?

If anyone reads this, thanks! Please let me know with a comment and I would be glad to check out your blog.


  1. I love your sewing shed. When I was little we had a playhouse-sort of shed, and I dreamed of having my own space like that one day. There's just something special about it being disconnected from the house.

  2. I just found your blog, and I love it. I love old sewing machines too. I'm going to read more of your older posts now...and I love your quilt. be blessed, Michelle