Thursday, March 11, 2010

Felt Colorforms and Talent Cooties

Soooo, I decided this morning that we were going to go to the toy store and buy Colorforms.  I remember totally loving these as a kid, and I thought they would be perfect for my boy.  But then, the girl went down for morning nap, and I knew we were home for a bit.  I remembered I had a big bag of felt that I had bought last year.  I was going to do Rae's heart garland, but do circles or squares.  Never got around to it........
And so the scissors came out and mama started cutting.

I remember Colorforms were basic shapes, but this was my set.  I wanted cloud shapes and tree tops,  moons, a sun, a tree trunk, two pieces of bread, and some basic shapes.  My boy had so much fun!  What was even better is he decided to "organize" them, first by shape and then by color.   It was so flippin' cute.  I know, I know, I'm his mom........

Anywhoo, the good thing is --I was going to go out and buy something that we didn't really need with money we really don't have on something made in a far away land, but didn't.  Very pleased with myself on this one.  I know I'm not the first person to do this and that these are for sale on etsy, but it's always cool to make one yourself.  I have to remind myself of that often.  if something you ordered last week shows up in the mail on your "I didn't spend money" day, do you lose your points?  I hope not, because I want the warm fuzzy feeling to stay when I actually get to sit down and look at these oh-so-fabulous books.  How, how, how has it taken me this long to discover this woman and her stichin'Heather Ross, Liesl, and Anna Maria Horner all did blog interviews/reviews.  Oh my, to be a fly.....     Cookie Mag did do a write up on her a few years ago when the Style book came out.  Liesl has a link to it in her blog post.  I totally re-remembered her now!   I love Natalie Chanin' hair sooooo much
FYI: This is the only spot in the house with clean floors.

And to keep it "quilty", this one has been in the works and on the wall for almost 3 4 weeks.  It started as a studio scrap bag that I ordered from Anna Maria Horner's shop.  I like the studio scrap thing because I'm a super fan of cooties.  Not the gross kind, the cool kind.  As in, if Anna Maria actually touched the piece of fabric herself before it was put in the bag, then there are some super cool and super talented cooties on my fabric bits. This is then transported onto myself when I open the package.  Of course, since I have become a hardcore pre-washer, I suppose the cooties don't stay for long.  Oh well, it is really the idea of the "talent" cooties, you know. 
Wow, terrible lighting in the pic.
I did add the two "square dance" squares, as well as some more flannel.  I really don't know what to do with it now.  I'm almost thinking an entire voile border, although trying to pick one might be the death of me.  I am so freaking in love with this fabric.  I think it's definitely a girl quilt, but I really want to add some more greens and blues........

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  1. what a smart idea, I remember those colorforms too