Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday Brunch Jacket

Sunday Brunch Jacket
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Not very impressed by my first attempt. For the upper, I think it's a Kokka fabric, heavier weight. The lower red is from County Fair by Denyse Schmidt. The blue buttons are vintage.
Overall, it's just too stiff. It's a little big on my girl, which wouldn't be a big deal, but the stiffness makes the back of the jacket stick straight out. Sort of like a permanent superman cape. Not quite the look I was going for. I have another one almost finished. Same Kokka fabric on top, but the bottom is blue and the buttons are red vintage. We shall see if I can soften them up somehow.
So far, my attempts at being an Oliver & S boutique sewer are not where I want them. Practice and practice I guess.

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  1. Too bad it doesn't fit right, it looks absolutely gorgeous!! Love the Kokka fabric with the red!
    I think sewing is just a hobby that requires endless practice...I find I'm learning something with almost any new project!