Wednesday, June 8, 2011

KCWC: Just a tad late......  Sure can getcha sometimes. I'm not surprised I missed May.....but sewing/crafting sure helps to keep things moving along, doesn't it??
So, this blue/brown number was supposed to be Lila's birthday dress(March) but no dice.  It's the Pretty as a Picture dress from AMH  Handmade Beginnings book.  Flower panel and brown voile from Little Folks and blue/brown stripe is from Innocent Crush voile - all from Anna Maria Horner (I do so love her!!This video is awesome!)

I iron while I sew the garment - NEVER after it's finished though.  I've heard it's bad luck....
  The dress is super cute and comfy i.e. she actually picks it off the hanger herself.  I altered it on accident by making the neck hole too small - I will not cross over as much on the top next time. 
 I altered it on purpose by taking the elastic off the back panel.  It was just a tad too snug with the elastic across the back.  I think it was still on in this pic.  Having the gathers on the sides only looks better to me :) 
I also altered it on purpose by changing up the front panel- I added brown strips to either side of the flower panel until it was the correct width.  I followed the pattern for the back.  I have another one cut out in almost the same fabrics.  I don't know why :)  Maybe because I have twin sisters - I like doubles?

During the week, I HAD to make the Seahorse Sundress from Oliver & S.  It's so freaking cute - but I don't know about a one scissor rating..... lots'o pieces to cut out.   I cut out double of everything because of the off-center nature of the fabric.  It was sort of a puzzle to pick which ones to put with what(huh?)  but I really like how both dresses came out.   And wow does my girl ever like pockets!!  I love her search-for-pockets pose.  Pockets in dresses are awesome!! 

After finishing the one above, I decided it needed some hand stitching.  In my opinion, it came out so awesome!!  I did only hand stitching on the yoke of the second dress. 

I love how the hand stitching looks on the dresses.  Here's both dresses side by side.  I used AMH Good Folks line.  I also used snaps instead of buttons.  Someday I will not be afraid of button holes.....someday....

Dress Fronts
A lot of influence from AMH, but also I've been recently re-hooked on my Alabama Chanin books.   I bought myself this (I guess I wear mine backwards!oops)  and some other goodies from them for Mom's day.  I would love this or this.  I will sew this one from the pattern in the book.  The bridal is so amazing... I could go on forever!

Dress Backs

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love the dresses! And the pants in the previous post. And that incredible quilt.

    I had my eye on that Olive & S pant pattern. I think I will go for it. Glad I clicked through your comment...a sweet space you have here!

  2. I love this dress,so funny how it has become the Seahorse dress!

  3. liesl should change the name of the dress! perfect use of the looks amazing.

  4. I bought fabric for that dress from handmade beginnings! i'm going to make a dress for my neice, but i've been putting it off for some reason. looks like i need to get going! love your profile, sublime forever! lol.

  5. That's a very cute dress! I am hoping to sew with some of that voile some day...
    But really I came by to say that I too am wishing for the pale yellow Little House books that I had when I was little. And my daughter is looking forward to us living in a little cabin someday without electricity where we have to sew all of our clothes by hand. Though I'm thinking at least a treadle machine might be nice...