Friday, June 24, 2011

The Dolphins That Jack Saw

Monday - my best friend and I (and kids) went to the beach.  It was a grey day like they usually are, but the sun was peeking through.  BF decided to run back to her house and get her suit and some sunscreen.  She is a surfer and I rarely go to the beach.  So.....she gets back and get in the water.  I sunscreen up my kids(forgot myself-didn't plan on staying long).
Oh, about 10 minutes later, Jack Johnson rolls up with his kids.  For real.  No joke.
I knew he lived in my BF's 'hood....but I am aware he spends most of the time in HI.

I had met in once before and done the weird freak out "oh-my-gosh-I-like-totally-love-your-music-man" about 7 years ago when he came into the grocery store where I worked at the time.  So this time, I was cool.  I mean- I had to be.  It was the 3 of us and our kids.  
I'm pretty sure I dorked out a little.  I did tell him that we call him Jackie J at our house! haha  He laughed at that one :) 

 And so the kids played and we hung out and chatted about kids and parenting.  He and my BF talked surf.  It was funny to hear him say that he was "putting in his time" so he could go surfing later.  I asked him about it and he said they have never had a nanny and the whole family always goes on tour together.  Such a rad guy!  I was shocked they didn't have a nanny.  He was such a regular dad!  Too funny!  I guess I had some expectations...
 He was about to leave and I was packing up to go home too.  He said "Look at the dolphins" 

So I did.  Took some pics too.  I must say a few came out pretty cool.

 I like that these pictures will be my "Jack" pictures.  It was pretty cool!   Because of it, my new vow is to not complain about living here so much.  I should be more thankful!!  It really is beautiful here!
Happy Weekend!!


  1. sweet! I would have been a total dork! Isn't seeing dolphins at the beach something magical?

  2. We're at the beach now and have seen some (South Carolina). I always love it! Congrats on your celebrity sighting/interaction!

  3. I feel a thrill every time i see a dolphin or a pod of them. Feels magical every single time.
    Cool about your hangin' with Jackie J! xo

  4. How cool! We see dolphins at the beach sometimes. Sadly, we've never seen Jackie J! :-/

  5. I would have promptly vomited on his flip flops. That's about the amount of cool I would have shown ;)

    After that I'm sure he would have left before any casual talk of non-nanny usage came up. Damn, I hate it when the cool famous people are actually cool in real life.