Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - Week 1 & 2

I've "joined" a thing or two on flickr before.....but never quite got around to finishing.  No, actually I never even started!  When Amanda let on she was doing the Farmer'sWife Sampler Quilt -I said 'why not?'  I have the book, so let's make it happen,right?  I will really have to push myself to finish this one.  111 blocks.  Knock off 2 each week.....
I decided to start using some of the Flea Market Fancy that's been sitting, just sitting, in a bag on a shelf.....
Well, here's

 After making the first two blocks in all FMF....... I decided some solids were in order. In fact, I might go back and take #1 and #2 apart and throw some solids in with them.  Not sure.

I have done very little applique by hand.  I think the following block shows that - blatantly, really.    -sigh-
I added the handle on totally funky too, just cuz.  I like it.

#5  Wrinkle-y Batwings!
Happy Wednesday!
xo Raven


  1. great fabrics! i think your applique looks fine (definitely much better than my own). :o)

  2. This will be such a great quilt. I think adding solids to the blocks will compliment the fmf fabric perfectly. I just got the book too and need to see if I can commit to such a big project. Thanks for sharing your blocks. It is getting harder to resist this project when there are blocks like yours being shown.

  3. I feel like the only person NOT in this quiltalong. Your blocks look great so far!

  4. The blocks look great. I need motivation, I really want to make Noah a quilt!