Sunday, February 6, 2011

Innocent Crush Chair

I like to cover chairs with Anna Maria Horner fabric. What can I say? I actually do like the fabric even more now that I have met her. I know it's silly, but I am silly. This chair was actually covered before my super awesome weekend. (It was amazingly surreal and radical and awesome to see myself in my reader via AMH's blog- it was a serious boost to my inspiration/motivation- very insanely grateful to Anna Maria for that!!)

I think that this fabric might be my favorite of the whole Innocent Crush line. I'm a blue sort of girl, so this is the one for me. And, I've never liked rose stuff. This fabric is soooooo changing my mind on that one.......weird.   I just ordered some of this in the pink/grey......weirder! 

Oh, and here's my temporary solution to NOT covering the rest of the chair - a lovely Denyse Schmidt quilt I purchased on one of those super sale sites(Thanks Ashley!)  It's such a cool quilt.  I love the colors and it was seriously on sale!!  It's usually on the boy's bed.......but we needed here.  I sort of like it a lot.

I have realized that I just have to take apart the bottom.  It's driving me nuts- the way it doesn't line up.  I'm almost thinking a patchwork for one side of both the back and the seat.  That way I might be able to re-use one of the seat pieces in one of the back pieces(make sense?).   

Alright....back to sewing stuff for the daycare auction.  Um, it was due on Friday......

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Hello, I'm not sure where I came across your blog, but I just had to leave a comment on that amazing chair, what a great job! I love the AMH fabric you've used on it, but I could never sit on it as I wouldn't be able to see the fabric :-)
    It took me ages to see what was not lining up on your second chair! Could you put some length of trim eg ribbon?

  2. I love both chairs Raven!
    And liking her fabric more after having met/interacted so positively with AM makes perfect sense!
    hope to see you at guild. xo

  3. beautiful! Love the fabric choice. And LOVE the chair.