Sunday, January 30, 2011

What happens in Vegas.....

Weddings!  Ours!
5 years ago!!

Yes, we were married in Las Vegas.  At the Little White Wedding Chapel.   I'm wearing flip flops and tye-dye.  We have a total of 23 wedding pictures.  This is the best one.  There is a cheesy picture of a waterfall on the wall behind us and lovely fake flowers on the columns.  We bought rings at the outlet mall on our way there.  It was fun and it was just for us.  We still have plans to someday have a party with all the family and friends..........someday, someday.  Maybe for the 10 year?

Anyone else elope?



  1. happy anniversary!
    We eloped too, high tailed it with 6 friends to Lake Tahoo.
    Much more fun that the stuffy ol thing we were planning.

  2. Happy anniversary! It's our 11th anniversary next Saturday. We didn't elope but I can imagine the temptation to do so.

  3. Happy Anniversary! We did - 33 years ago in Flour Bluff, Texas.

  4. You both look so happy. Weddings are overrated. My sister ruined mine. Her luggage was lost on the flight to Italy and she made us all pay hell for it. I even took her shopping in Rome to buy whatever she wanted and all she did was complain about the awful clothes. Yes, you read that right, complained about Italian clothing that her sister and mother were going to buy for her. In Italian that's called pazzo.

  5. Cute photo! Congratulations on your anniversary. I agree with Sascha. We didn't elope--we never bothered to get married. But we've been together for 31 years. Maybe we'll get married on our 50th anniversary (by the way, I live in SB too, also a transplant--not a native; I came across your lovely blog a long time ago when I was looking for baby gift sewing ideas).