Friday, February 11, 2011

Nature Walk Knit Pants

 As Sascha did say - these might be the most insanely easiest thing I have sewn in a long long long time.
And I really love the cut/shape of these pants.  They fit the kids quite well.

            I made each kid a pair of lobster pants.  Lila will get the smaller rose pant and the larger will go to a friend's daughter for a birthday present(do I have to hem them then?)  The lobster print is an interlock.  I love how sturdy the fabric is.  Atlas loves his lobster pants.  He's already worn them to pre-school.  Husband thinks these should be designated as PJ pants.   I bought the fabric from the Fabric Fairy.  I think it was flawed and super on sale.  I love flawed things! :) 

I made Lila a third pair out of some very lightweight knit I received in the Heather Ross studio sale.  I used some leftover rib knit for the waist.  I've been playing around a lot with mixing fabrics.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I don't think that wobbly bit will go away.  I think I need to be less lazy when it comes to ironing......



  1. So cute and cozy. Plus I love bellies. :)

  2. these definitely work better with knits. I tried to make them with an organic cotton and even at 2 sizes bigger they didn't fit. I did like how easy they were though. Yours look fantastic!

  3. I've made two pairs for my son so far he loves wearing them as much as I love making them. Thanks for the fabric resource - It's hard to find good boyish (or even gender neutral) knits!

  4. don't hem, I like em :)

  5. I almost bought that lobster fabric! Too cute.