Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Clothes for the Boy

This post could also be titled "What I Really Wanted To Do During KCWC"

Neck facing and collar - Nature Walk Tunic
I made this Nature Walk Tunic for my boy out of some Rocket ship fabric and some super soft shot cotton.  I made it for his 4th birthday, woke up at 3 am to finish it for that day.  He started crying that he hated it before he even had it on.  Yay for my happy warm feelings being squashed!  So much for the sensitivity of 4 year old boys.  He'll get more guilt from me as we all get older - I'm sure of it!

Next I made some shorts from the Sketchbook Shirt and shorts pattern.  Brown linen, maybe some rayon mixed in(Joann Remnant Bin) so I'm not sure :)   SO easy and soft and comfy and he LOVES them.   Waaay better reception than the tunic.  Warm happy feeling is back!

And then I made another pair of Sandbox pants with Echino pockets - my absolute favorite thing right now.  And the boy loves them as well.  They are really man-pri/ short pants.  I was going to cut these and make shorts since I was short some fabric lengthwise.  I waited until I finished them and hemmed them to see how long they really were, and they were long enough!  Sweet.  I love these a lot.  They are a total mish-mash.

I used an upholstery fabric that was bought years ago.  I used some ruler printed twill tape for a size tag.  I love it!  It was a scrap that had 4 on it, so I used it.    I think I will be making these pants until he hates them.  They are so easy to make, now that I've made a few.  Such a bummer this pattern is out of print.  If you can find it, get it.  I think I will try making a girly pair soon.


  1. Love the pants (and the pullover). I'm going to be making the pullover soon. I am not sure what the reception will be either. You just never know. I might have to get that sandbox pattern. My older son is so picky and he's between sizes so nothing fits him. The size for 4-8 is still available at Oliver+S, it's just the younger size that is out of stock. He's slightly outside the size 8 measurements though..hmm...

  2. Lucky boy they are all gorgeous.

  3. I hunted the pattern down on the internets! Internets loved me long time and now I need to make some of these pants. You know I'm making a pair with ticking and Echino. Sooooo love that look.