Thursday, November 4, 2010

Queen Size City Weekend

Woohoo!!!  Finally finished sewing the binding on the back side.  That took forever.  But I am so so so so very happy to sleep under a homemade (by me) quilt!!

 I way over estimated the size and didn't actually measure accurately, so this thing is seriously verging on being a king size!  I did a hack job quilting it.  Some of the lines have some super duper bad puckers.  I knew I just wanted this done and on the bed.  I have all my AMH voile cut and half sashed for a queen size quilt that I'm planning on free motion quilting.  I will definitely be taking my time on that one and quilting it with grace rather than speed.

I was planning on making some pillowcases to go with the quilt, but now that I can just hide the pillows, I'm not sure what I'll do with it.......
And I did get some of the City Weekend knit fabric.  I'm not sure what to do with it, and it is way softer than anything else I have, so I'm scared to cut it.   The white fabric came in my Heather Ross Studio Sale box, and is equally as precious and hard to cut into.  I am currently trying to swap for some more.  It is a sickness.

Also, I totally chopped all my hair off!  It was pretty crazy.  I do it every 3 years and donate it to Locks of Love.  I donated 12" and I'm pretty sure she chopped another 3" off.  Eeeek!  I feel so much lighter!

Also, this past Sunday, there was a Harvest Festival for the Santa Barbara Birth Center.  It was so fun!  It was the first fundraiser in the official location.  They signed the lease just a month ago.  I hosted a "quilting room."  Really I just painted kids hands and stamped them onto some PFD.  They stamped their names next to it.  It should turn out really cute when I sew them all together.  I think I'll mix in fabrics based on the colors of the rooms(to be determined). 
     I made a pillow for my mom out of my kids hand prints and have to make another one for my MIL for next week.  I will try to take pics of the process because it was insanely easy to make, and it would be a cute pillow for the holidays - especially if you are going along with Erin at House on Hill Road and making a pillow.
At the festival, I sold a quite a few things.  It was so exciting to have my things well received, and to make some money.  I donated 10% of my sales, and I met some insanely cool people.  All in all, a great day!


  1. Loving your new quilt! It feels like such an accomplishment to finish one that big, doesn't it? And the new hair is super cute!

  2. That is one awesome quilt. I heart City Weekend in a big, bad way!

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  4. Thank you for your fab quilting room at the Birth Center! The kids (and moms) had fun making the squares and admiring your delicious hand-made things, and even perusing your very hip stash. I think you may have inspired a few moms to take up sewing! Can't wait to see the finished quilt(s)---let me know if you want help in the process.

  5. Hey I just came across your blog and you seem like a woman after my own heart - just sometimes reaching the point in a project where you just want to get it done!! I really need to make a quilt for my bed but the size is so daunting!! Good job.

  6. Raven, it looks fabulous! I am just about to start the binding on a teeny tiny quilt... my first binding ever. I want to finish up to gift it to a friend on Saturday and am considering doing the entire thing by machine... have you ever done that?

  7. Hi Raven!
    We met today at the Summerland holiday fair. I was the one suggesting you ought to get your things in Etsy. Your work is so lovely and would be perfect. I may have to order one of your bags for myself!

    Your hair looks adorable, such a change heh? i did the same thing donating my braids last summer.

    I hope you did fantastic today ☺
    x lori

  8. This quilt looks so cozy - I really love the large size blocks.