Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zen Shorts, some winners, the Grammys 2001 and a coat

Allie is the winner of the small bundle.....she guessed the book correctly!!  ZEN SHORTS!!
The Zen books by John Muth are my absolute favorites right now. Life changing really!!  I think they are awesome gifts for kids and adults.  I gave my dad one for Christmas.  They are in sort of an order, so I would start with Zen Shorts.  For real yo!

For the big bag of Bohemian - I used random.org to get #22 - Dana from Old Red Barn Co.   Her best birthday was last year......she got an oven.....I wanted to make fun of her, but I really wanted a new ironing board for my birthday - so I really have no room to talk, huh?

My best birthday would have to be my 21st.  My dad knew the guy who was in charge of the webcast for the Grammys (first year they were on the web I think), so he was able to get us tickets.  It was really surreal and strange, to tell you the truth.  B.B. King wished me a happy birthday.  EmmyLou Harris is so so so beautiful.  Aimee Mann is so so so thin.  Fred Durst was so so so drunk(I think). 
It was the year of the Eminem and Elton John drama/duet.  It was a pretty amazing show, the two of them singing "Stan" with Elton singing the Dido part of the song.  Blue Man Group did a thing with Moby and Jill Scott - that was totally cool - I wish I could remember the song name.....I have to go put some Moby on right now!
I didn't stay out that late or even drink much (it was me and my dad :)love you pops!).  I remember my feet killing me (awful heels) and just wanting to go back to the hotel and sleep.  It was very surreal - even more so thinking back on it now...

Oh, and rather than have a photo-less post, I will include the coat I finished two weeks ago.  It's a Heidi and Finn pattern and it was so flippin' easy.  Seriously.  Oh, even better, Lila actually likes it and wears it.  It is two sizes to big, but that is a minor detail around these parts....

I used 4 very different vintage buttons and I love how they all match perfectly.....in their own way......
sort of....
Wowzers!  Bold choice of lining fabric, wouldn'tcha say......
It's all from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line......velveteen outside.......quilting cotton for the lining
Some more vintage buttons on the back.
Um.....yes, yes that is some selvedge showing......
I think it adds personality.......don't you?

Oh good golly, that sure is loud.
I really, really, really love it. 

Okay....I think that will do it for the world's longest and most RANDOM post ever!!!
My baby girl turns 2 tomorrow, so I'm off to try and sew/finish something for her birthday.....


  1. what a cool 21st birthday!!
    love the jacket...what a great print for a little girl!

  2. Ya, that was a really cool birthday!

    Happy birthday to your little one and I love the coat! It's wild.

  3. I love Zen Shorts! Can't wait to share it with my own potential future children.

    And that coat is fabulous -- I want one in my size. I just made some floor pillows with some Innocent Crush home dec fabric in the same colorway.

  4. Haven't heard of Zen Shorts before but will be checking them out now for sure.

    Greatest coat evah! Can you make one in my size??

    Your 21st sounds incredible. You'll have that fun story to tell for years and years. Waaaaayyyy better than an oven!

  5. Love Love Love the coat! I want one in my size :)
    Happy Birthday Lila Brynn!!!

  6. Adorable. I'd wear that coat!@

  7. Got my fabric bundle! Thanks so much! I'm excited to use it.

  8. I love, love, love this coat!!
    Lindsey (Your long lost sis-in-law)