Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life is short, isn't it?

Life is overwhelming sometimes.  We lost our very dear neighbor to a quick bout with cancer.  It happened a couple weeks ago, but it is quite fresh still as we are watching everything being taken out of her house.  She lived on one side of us and her daughter lives on the other side of us.  We are surrounded by family, even if it isn't ours; we made it ours.  She was an extra pair of eyes on my kids while they played in the yard.  We will miss her very much.

I wanted to make a quilt for her, but as her state worsened, all I was able to do was a pillow.  I wish I had been able to put more thought into it, but I really had to whip this up quick.  She had been working on a Kaffe Fassett needlework, and I noticed I had the same fabric.  We had talked about makin a few pillows together with her needlework before she got sick.  I like the pillow, but have issues with it because of how I had to get it done so she could use it.   She was only able to use it for 5 days.  I think that is really sad.  It has definitely made me realize how quickly things can change, and to hug your loved ones.

Onto happier things, I have finally finished binding my Folksy Coins quilt.  I really like the burgandy/red cotton lawn I used for binding.  It matches the little bits of red in the coins and I like it!  For a flannel blanket, I really think it should be softer, but it's only been washed once.  I might have to keep this one for "flannel testing" and "research."  haha!

I really can't decide if I like this one or not........  I usually love my finished quilts, but this one has been worked on through a very funky time.....maybe it picked up some of my angst and worry.  Hopefully my next finish will be filled with fun and happy! Right? 
Just keep sewing, just keep sewing......